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Serving over Selling

Serving an audience is the act of understanding your target audience and catering to their needs. It’s about putting your audience’s best interests first, instead of just trying to sell them something for the sake of making a profit..

Uncovering the myth of creativity & how to find your own

In spring, when we all faced the new and unfamiliar situation of lockdown, creativity reached a new peak. We started ...

Author Branding

Let's talk about Author Branding! A brand as an author is not only your work, but your personality and how readers p...

Member Feature - Jordan Littman

Scrolling through the Instagram of Jordan Littman is nothing but relatable, inspiring and freeing. His poems are deep and give off a great balance between being lost and found. After following this poet for some time, we're so excited that we can finally hold his words in our own hands as he released his debut poetry (read more...)

Member Feature - Dearly Beloved

We met Dearly Beloved when she joined our Poet Possibilities family. She was about to publish her first book and was eager to learn more about the the endless possibilities for her author career. Although her Instagram isn't filled with all her wonderful words (yet) we got a sneak peek of her book and were blown away by her writing. Not only are her words relatable but, lovely (read more...)

Member Feature - The Left Handed Writer

Introducing Max - a dutch poet, author and musician inspiring others in his own unique ways. We've known Max for some time now and are not only blown away by his words but his dedication and persistence to become a successful indie author. On January 25, 2021 he self published his first children's book titled "Lucy and The Stone of Life" and set (read more...)

Member Feature - Bethany Flanders

Bethany Flanders is a writer from northeastern Pennsylvania, and we discovered her poetry when she started following our Poet Possibilities Instagram page. Bethany is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Bioethics program, and her research and written works are dedicated to the fields of medical ethics, moral philosophy, and public health policy. However (read more...)

Member Feature - Georgia Stavs

Georgia Stavs is a Greek Canadian author, artist, educator, and wildflower. She creates and weaves words inspired by the universe, nature, feelings, and healing. After a life living in the shadows of anxiety and depression, her mission is to spread light. Her experiences in the arts and teaching children inspired her to move through darkness with love and creativity, bringing as many people as (read more...)

Member Feature - Jamal Rafat

We were introduced to Jamal late last year when she did a live poetry reading with Wattney. Not only did her words ho...

Member Feature - Nargis Hassanali

When we first met Nargis, she didn't have any poetry posted on her instagram account. But, we knew she had a deep lov...

Collaboration with R.Clift

 We're so excited to announce that we have collaborated with the one and only R.Clift! We've been following R.Clift on Instagram for months now and not only do we fall in love with her words but, also the way she designs and creates her poetry books. If you haven't seen her page yet or read her poetry books, we highly recommend you check them out! Her visuals and creative detail (read more..)

Member Feature - Boomie Bol

We met Boomie through Instagram and immediately fell in love with her and her words. Once you get the chance to read her poems, you'll be in awe of how each one of her pieces speaks true beauty. Her words are so relatable as she writes about love, life and loss. So we were thrilled when we found out she joined our community. She recently self published her poetry book (read more...)
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