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Member Feature - Georgia Stavs

Georgia Stavs is a Greek Canadian author, artist, educator, and wildflower. She creates and weaves words inspired by the universe, nature, feelings, and healing. After a life living in the shadows of anxiety and depression, her mission is to spread light. Her experiences in the arts and teaching children inspired her to move through darkness with love and creativity, bringing as many people as she can. She writes for the dreamers, adventurers, lovers, and warriors. Here is our interview with her:

When did you begin your writing journey?

I suppose I’ve always been on a writing journey. Since I was small, I found a home in between pages of books and art journals, with a notebook and pencil in hand. The flow of creation has always been a safe place, my solace. My stories were ways to create worlds that didn’t yet exist, and my poetry became a way to express myself and my emotions.

Through my struggles with anxiety and depression, writing and poetry became a way of coping. Unfortunately, the two also became closely associated in my mind and I stopped writing for a long time as I tried to heal.

As time passed and my mental health improved, I realized I could write in a different way. One that expressed my experiences and inspires others through the darkness I’m so familiar with. I picked up the pen again and haven’t looked back since.


Why did you decide to start sharing your words on Instagram?

I’ve always been an advocate for mental health on Instagram. With my rekindled love for poetry, something in my heart told me it would be the perfect way to combine the things I’m passionate about.

You published a poetry book called “Dear Warrior”. What was your idea behind the title and why did you pick it?

It’s funny because as I write more work, the title seems to be the hardest part for me, and yet the idea and title for “dear warrior” seemingly fell into my lap. I wanted to write something that inspired self appreciation, hope, and courage. Words people can see themselves in and be encouraged by. Something I’ve learned through life is that we all have our points of struggle and pain we must carry. In this way, we each must be warriors. My book is a collection of poetry reminding each of its readers that they are never alone, and of the warrior within them.


We heard you drew your book cover, that’s amazing! Do you plan on creating and designing book covers for others in the future?

I did, thank you so much! I’d totally be open to working with other authors on their book babies, I know the cover is such an important feature of any book. You can always contact me with any illustration inquiries, book cover or otherwise, through my website


We noticed you also run another Instagram account called @soleilpoemsCould you tell us more about that space?

I sure do! Soleil means “the sun” in French, and @soleilpoems is an inspiring community where we showcase beautiful poetry themed around self love and growth, positivity, encouragement, mental health, and healing. Tag us and #soleilpoems in your work and the Soleil Team will be happy to read it. We’ll be branching into interviews and even anthologies as our community grows. I’m so excited!


What advice would you give to a poet just starting out on Instagram?

Write what you’re passionate about, the messages in your heart you feel called to share with the world, and let your own style come to life as you go. Take inspiration from other poets, but never copy what someone else is doing. We all have our own authentic magic to offer in this space. It’s social media, so most of all be social! I’ve made so many amazing talented and artistic friends through posting my work and engaging with others. It’s a lovely community to be a part of.

Of course, I also can’t recommend the Poet Possibilities ebooks enough for the wealth of information they have for beginners. I picked up so many little tips and tricks from them.

Where can others find you and your book?

My debut poetry collection “dear warrior” is available worldwide on Amazon, and through the link:

You can also find me:


Thank you so much for talking with me, it has been a pleasure!

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