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Author Branding

Let's talk about Author Branding!

A brand as an author is not only your work, but your personality and how readers perceive you through your communication, your work, your media, and more. Building your author brand will allow readers to quickly identify you, your brand makes it easier for them to connect with you on a personal level!


The values that you hold as a person are not only made apparent by the things that you say directly! Who you follow, the posts or content that you’re sharing, as well as your own work are all indicators of what you value and, by extension, the audience you want to attract.


Human nature dictates an attraction to aesthetic consistency. Maintaining a theme can not only help your audience recognize you, but can draw viewers in and encourage specific feelings to be assigned to your brand. Try to remain consistent in the filters you use, your color palette and tones, as well as the overall mood of the content you’re sharing.  For example, if your book has a gothic setting, you’ll probably want your brand to follow that theme and the people that appreciate that setting will find their way to you and engage with you/your book!

How you engage

Focus on sharing a cohesive message across your platform! Engagement can also look like living in your comment section or hosting Live Q&A’s to engage, find what works best for you and your community and stick to it!

Here are a few authors you can check out as examples:

Meet Cheyenne Raine, co-owner of Raine and Rose Co., lives in the San Antonio light, pulling warmth into her creative life. She is a mother of one and a cheerleader to many creatives and business owners. With an ever-present cup of tea steeping in her hand, she brings a multi-passionate heart to every minute of her full schedule. Her publications include Maroon Daydreams and Charcoal Thunderstorms.

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