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Member Feature - Nargis Hassanali

When we first met Nargis, she didn't have any poetry posted on her instagram account. But, we knew she had a deep love for poetry as her constant love, support and encouragement was noticed and shared to other poets and writers in the community. After some time, she started posting her own poetry and the community was blown away by her words. She's a wise thinker with a whole lot of love to give and if you ever get the chance to meet her, you won't be disappointed by her overflowing light. Here is our interview with her:

When did you start writing poetry?
I started writing poetry in 2013 . I picked up a pen one day I wrote down everything I was feeling and it felt so good to release everything that I was holding inside , I didn't talk to anyone about it . I kept writing everything out and it became a great healing process for me .

Why did you decide to start sharing your words on Instagram?
I decided to share my words on Instagram in 2017 after seeing several poets/writers posting their words and the impact it was making onto the readers and I felt that I was given this gift from God for a reason and I needed to share it with the world to comfort others .

Who are your favourite poets and why?
I can't choose to be honest , I love all the poets who I follow on Instagram since each and and everyone has played a role in my life interms of healing me , changing my perspective to a positive one and much more but I would love to mention one of the poet and that is Najwa Zebian because of her words I got courage to stop discarding my writings and to safely store them in a journal and that's how the world is getting to read my writings today .

We noticed you have started a few story highlights on your account. What can we expect to see in each one?
Yes I am planning to self publish a poetry book in the near future but not any time soon because I don't have enough words to be qualified for publish. But I did think of a title for my book "Engravings of my soul" I don't know if I will stick to it or I will change it . I chose this title because I have engraved my writings onto paper and it's huge for me since I used to discard them before .

Are you planning on self publishing a poetry book in the near future?
I have 5 highlights as of now . It includes about me , spoken words , reposts and merch updates. About me is all to do with me from my name to where I live , my writing journey , the things I love apart from writing and what inspires my writing . Spoken words is to do with all the live poetry reading sessions that I took part in . Reposts is to do with all the people who have reshared my writings either on their story or feed and lastly Merch updates, its to do behind the scenes process about my upcoming merch that includes : poetry prints, stickers and bookmarks .

What advice would you give to a poet just starting out on Instagram?
You must know that numbers do not define your worth . Social media can be toxic if you're not careful. And I want you to know that you are wanted here and your art is always worthy . Focus on engaging with your readers you have and more will come .

Where can others find you?
I can only be found on one social media platform and that is Instagram. My Instagram handle name is : @nargis_shabbir_hassanali

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