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Serving over Selling

Serving an audience is the act of understanding your target audience and catering to their needs. It’s about putting your audience’s best interests first, instead of just trying to sell them something for the sake of making a profit.


In today’s world, businesses often focus on pushing their products, but it is crucial to understand that it's not just about the sales, but it's about providing value to your audience. When you focus on serving your audience, you end up creating long-term relationships with them, and that’s where sustainable success lies.


To serve your audience, you have to be passionate about what you do. Your passion will be the driving force for creating value that meets the needs of your audience. By understanding what your audience wants and being creative in delivering it to them, you enhance customer loyalty and trust.


Imagine a scenario where you’re an author promoting your new book. If the only thing that drives you is the desire to sell more books, you might end up facing a lot of rejections and disinterest from your audience. But if you take the time to understand your audience, and you recognise that they are not only interested in buying your book but also the value that the book provides, you can create a sense of community and offer value to your audience.


Serving your audience also requires open communication. You must be open to listening to their feedback, criticism and suggestions. Be proactive and encourage open communication to build trust with your audience, and it helps you to address their concerns more effectively and provide you with new ideas.


By serving your audience, you're also more likely to improve your brand reputation and build a community of people who become advocates of your business, and who help spread positive information about your brand.


In conclusion, serving an audience is not just a way of doing business; it's a way of creating something that offers value to them. It's about creating a culture where customers come first, and profit becomes a byproduct. By serving your audience, you create an emotional connection with them, build trust, and ultimately, increase your profits as a business.

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