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Member Feature - Ashley Lord

Ashley an ARTIST.

A poetess priestess, an intuitive spiritual advisor, meditation teacher, a wildly sensitive soul, her life is dedicated to divine creative expression. A born adventurer; her Taurean, double Leo heart holds powerful space, offering potent medicine, guidance, ceremony and mentorship to all those who seek to live healthy, inspired and awakened lives. She is the creator of Heart Medicine Journey, an 11 week transformational program for women. She hails from Toronto but you can find her…dancing under the moonlight, writing all the poetry.

1. When did you start writing poetry?

I started writing poetry as a young girl. I’ll never forget my very first diary, a vibrant two tone pink notebook with hearts and a golden lock & key. I used to hide it in a secret spot in my desk. (Poetically enough, a month ago I finished off writing my first book at my moms house, sitting at that very desk)

2. Why did you decide to start sharing your words on Instagram?

It was definitely a call from the universe. I was leading a women’s retreat a few winters ago and during a fire ceremony I got a very strong intuitive sense that I was supposed to write a book (or more so compile, because I already had like a million poems)! So when I got back home, I started my writing Instagram account @intheheartofthelight and the rest is history. Something in my heart just said “it’s time”.

3. We noticed you host healing circles. That’s amazing! How did you get into that?

Yes. Thank you so much for asking! I have been leading women’s retreats and circles for the better part of the last decade. I offer guided meditations online at It’s a space that offers an abundance of soul nourishment. Meditation and yoga continue to be the most important anchors in my life and teaching is a calling that comes from deep within me. I’ve been studying since I was 17 and have been blessed to travel, live and be guided under incredible teachers all over the world since. As an artist it’s really important to do my own inner work, stay grounded & manage my energy. I find myself moving away from leading groups so I can hold space more intimately with women 1:1. I take on a small number of coaching clients each year in my program Heart Medicine Journey. This is where the magic really happens + it gives me the space to write, speak, create and bring to life all that I'm meant to on this earth. Forever a student on the path.

4. What platform did you use to self publish your book? Was it an easy process?

This was a tough decision to be honest! I wanted to work with a publishing house and let them work their flow with printing, distribution and take care of all of that jazz. But I continued to be led towards using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). People kept telling me about it randomly and upon further investigation I was in! It’s been a fun process to do everything myself and it’s super simple to navigate! Highly recommend. After my self published book is out I’m going to pitch it to publishers and see what happens (that tends to be a longer process). In the end I decided on KDP because I could get it out faster and do it all on my terms.

5. What advice would you give to other poets wanting to self publish?

I would say to continue to trust your heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect (haha a good reminder for me too!) but the most important thing is to stay in the energy of fun, joy and inspiration. Keep taking the next aligned action and trust it’s leading you to where you need to be.

6. Would you recommend Poet Possibilities to a friend? If so, why?

Yes yes and yes!!! It’s so beautiful to have a community of supportive like minded souls who have your back as you move through the journey of being a writer. Plus the courses are filled with helpful and inspiring content.

7. Where can we find your book?

In the Heart of the Light; poetry of awakening is launching July 17 🖤 2020. It is available for sale on Amazon! Search by my name or the title.

Or find it here 👉 

A sweet thank you to Wattney, PP and everyone who made space to read this interview & my words. Connect with me on Instagram @loveashleylord @intheheartofthelight . I always love to hear from anyone who resonate with the energy 🖤

Love, A

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