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Terms & Conditions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

1. To gain the best results from the promo, we advise you to promote your top engaging post. Check your insights, see which post brought you the most likes, shares and saves and submit that one. Please note: posts that have short poems and an easy readable font are most likely to receive the best results. 

2. We cannot guarantee you'll receive followers or engagement following your promo. Promos are tests and it may take a few promos in order to start seeing results. If you don't receive the results you wish, always try again until you find that winning promo post. 

3. Create an effective caption to go along with your post. Something short and sweet to stick with the @poets theme is best. For example: “Follow @yourhandlehere for more love poems.” Don't confuse the reader by adding too much information in a caption. If you have a poetry book, do not promote it in the caption like this: "My poetry book releases on May 11th! Grab a copy on Amazon!" promote it like this: "Follow @yourhandlehere for more poems and guidance from his poetry book, Dust & The Wind". *Please be advised that "A member of @poetpossibilities" will also be placed in the caption.

4. Please complete the order form, submit your post and a caption within 3 days of receiving this email. Failure to complete this timeline will result in us giving your promo spot to the next person in line. 

5. Once you send us a post and caption to promote, we cannot change it. So please make sure the post and caption you give us is exactly what you would like to see on @poets account.

6. Once we send @poets your post and caption, they will then give us a date on when it will be promoted. When we find this out, we will advise you. 

We’re excited to see where this promo takes you and would love to hear your thoughts about it afterwards!

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