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Member Feature - Ashley McGinnis

We met Ashley when she joined our Poet Possibilities family. She had already published her first book and was eager to learn more about the the endless possibilities for her author career. Although her Instagram isn't filled with all her wonderful words (yet) we got a hold of her book and were blown away by her writing. Not only are her words relatable but, hopeful and inspiring. We were thrilled to hear that this talented author was creating her second poetry book and we couldn't be happier to be by her side for this journey. Check out our interview with her. 

When did you start writing poetry?

In elementary school! I have always loved writing as a means of expressing myself and processing life events. I was fist published in elementary school as well; in a poetry collection ☺️

Why did you decide to start sharing your words on Instagram?

I wanted to find a landing board for growing and expanding my audience. I wanted my words to fall in front of those who would read them and be real with me in terms of providing valuable feedback and insight. 

We noticed you’re creating your second poetry book, can you give us any insight on it? Will it have a theme? 

I just recently revealed the book title to be, "From Ashes." It will have 2 sections - the 1st one of which is called "The Descent," and the second is called "I Spot The Sun On The Horizon." It will detail my mental health journey and the progress I am still making, mainly.

What platform are you using to self publish? Would you recommend it to others? 

I am using Amazon and I would 100% recommend it to others! You can follow along with the Poet Possibilities courses to learn more!! I found the process rather seamless and simple to navigate and use overall. 

What advice would you give to another poet wanting to self publish? 

Follow your heart. Don't over-edit. You will know when things are finished. Do this for you! Don't worry if you don't sell 100 copies the first day, week, month, or even year. You poured your heart and soul into this; be proud of your hard work and accomplishment! 

 Where can others find you and your first book?

Connect with me via Facebook:

Via Instagram @ashleymcginnispoetry

Find my 1st poetry book 📚 "Setbacks & Saving Graces," at:


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