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Katie Feltmate

Katie is a self-published author and self-publishing coach based in Halifax, Canada! Katie published her first book of poetry, Love in the Age of Quarantine in 2021 which chronicled her journey back to herself after leaving an abusive relationship during the pandemic. Katie was able to fulfill her childhood dream of getting her book in stores and on shelves! Katie has a background in marketing and public relations which has helped her market her book and gain media attention.

Katie is passionate about poetry and helping her clients transforms their stories into a polished, beautiful, poetry book that sells! Katie will help you understand the whole publishing process and explores the following topics and more:


-The best self-publishing platforms and how to choose one that’s right for you

-ISBNs and what to watch out for

-Formatting your manuscript

-Cover Design

-Copyright and Ownership

-Marketing that Works

-What it means to publish wide

-My strategy for getting your book into stores

-Amazon Keywords and Ranking

-Key Mistakes to Avoid


To work with Katie or to learn more about her coaching, email her at 

Follow her on Instagram/Tik Tok/ Facebook at @oceanshoresandmetaphors 

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